Adaptive catalog of exclusive handmade shoes
Anton Pechatnov, the founder of Antonio Shoes, entrusted us to create a website for his handmade shoe line. Antonio Shoes is a high quality product that is clearly branded within the premium shoes market. Therefore, we faced the challenge of creating both a platform that emphasized the brand’s elite status, and delivering an efficient purchasing experience.

To start, our analysts and marketing team studied the company’s brand, customer management, target market, and market share in order to evaluate the current state of the company. It was with this information that we started the foundation of the website.


Originally, our client had planned to create an online store that gave customers the opportunity to order products online. After careful consideration however, our team concluded that these exclusive shoes should be sold only with personal advice from an Antonio Shoes expert. Therefore, with the support of our client, we decided against building an ecommerce website and instead focused our efforts on creating an online catalog. With this catalog, customers are able to both preview and pre-order their desired product. After the pre-ordering process is complete, each customer then goes to the store in-person to be properly fitted before finally receiving the shoes.

Design Stage

Our creative team decided to create a sleek, clean website design. This allowed us to emphasize the brand's status while at the same time, making the website both appealing and modern. The homepage hosts a slider we developed to be more suitable for a premium-class product than the standard slider.
Smooth, user-friendly structure and animations allow for easy navigation throughout the website, while also delivering the aesthetic expected when purchasing a product of this quality.

Product Catalog

The product catalog is intuitively organized by product cards that contain all specifications for each unique product.
We also implemented filters that allow users to find their desired product with a minimal amount of clicks.

Other sections

Because one of our primary goals was to give each visitor visuals cues of the product’s quality, we organized and implemented a photoshoot and video detailing the product’s manufacturing process.

Content Adaptation

This portal was created with cross-platform capability in order to provide functionality from any device or operating system.