Online store of handmade tiles and mosaic from all over the world
To develop an online store of handmade tiles and mosaics imported from various countries around the world.
Greta Wolf sells tiles and mosaics from 40 different factories and manufacturers in Germany, France, Tunisia, Portugal, Spain and Morocco. The company has four retail stores in Moscow and more than thirty partners throughout Russia.

Prior to Greta Wolf, we launched an online portal for designers and architects. Through that channel, our analysts and marketing team studied target audiences and evaluated the performance of those company’s customer relationships. This resulted in the development of a marketing strategy that supported and promoted the company and their portal for two years.

After working closely with Greta Wolf developed an expertise in their field. This in turn, led us to developing accurate target client profiles and forecasting future purchasing behavior.

Product Catalog

The product catalog is intuitively organized and can be displayed in two ways: as a list or as cards. Keeping in mind the company’s vast assortment of product allowed us to focus on what’s most important to the customer when making their selections. We implemented dynamic and easy-to-use filters that allow the user to find their desired product with minimal clicks.

The product cards contain all of the product specifications, its current availability, its conversion details, and packaging details. If an item is out of stock, the user is prompted to register to be notified when the product is once again available.
As well, photos are loaded into each of the product cards via another company’s service called Photobank. This service contains hundreds of photos of each of the products as well as examples of how and where each product has been installed.

Discount System

There are several discount formats implemented within the online store. Some of the discounts are based on a particular product category, e.g. sale items. Other discounts depend on the product’s availability. The final type of discount is applied within the shopping cart and is associated with the buyer’s membership level, e.g. gold member, silver member.

Order Placement and Personal Accounts

In order to ensure each and every customer receives the best possible shopping experience, customers are presented with several different delivery options via a host of different shipping companies. By incorporating real-time estimates we are able to provide both an accurate price and timeframe for delivery. As well, orders can be paid instantly and securely online or invoiced via a bank.

Users can create and update their own personal account which allows them to view their entire purchase history and monitor the restocking of items on their wait list.

Project Technicalities

We developed and implemented real-time, two-way data exchange between the Stock Balance Accounting System and product catalog. This data contains product features, stock balances, and current availability in each of the company’s retail locations.

To ensure the possible best user experience, we implemented an automated ordering status feature and integrated it within both the Stock Balance Accounting System and online store. All significant information regarding each order and shipment is available in real-time. We also developed and implemented key modules that calculate transportation costs and process online payments. The online store has been tested and optimized to ensure peak performance.

Content Adaptation

This portal was created with cross-platform capability in order to provide functionality from any device or operating system.