Adaptive online store of auto parts
To create a trading platform for used car parts. The website allows the suppliers to offer their products and the customers to easily locate and purchase their desired components.

Because of our analytics department, we’ve decided to focus on:
A) Creating a convenient search engine.
B) Providing high speed performance.
C) Minimizing design elements.
We gave the website a fast and convenient filtering system. We also focused on light-gray color tones, engaging fonts, and proper visual accents. This gave it a modern look and put emphasis on the correct areas.

Each registered member receives a “personal garage”. This is a space where users can store their personal cars and information, and later use this information to search for specified parts to their stored vehicles. This will include real-time, push notifications to assist users in controlling their space.

Also, within the portal, we implemented a forum, personal messages, a catalog of auto parsings, service stations, and the possibility to request spare parts if they are not already included within the catalog.

Product Catalog

Each supplier updates an assortment parts through their personal account. The catalog represents a complete collection of every offer, from each vendor within the portal. If a vendor add parts through their personal accounts, goods from the general supplier - the owner of the website - are added to the catalog through our Stock Balance Accounting System.
The catalog is conveniently organized. Users can choose to see only the parts that are compatible with their car, in order to filter out any other unnecessary products. The portal also provides a quick search option that assists users in finding specific spare parts among all categories instantaneously. Goods can be specified and filtered by region, return conditions, price and provider’s rating. Ratings are given to the sellers by the buyers and vice versa.

Product card
and Ordering differs from a traditional e-commerce website which required us to create product cards with a unique structure and specific requirements. For example, the sale of a used goods makes pictures pertinent, as it’s the only way to truly determine the item’s condition. Therefore, we made the process of uploading pictures mandatory for all items.
Buyers can have dialogue with the supplier directly through the order page. This allows for a quick resolution to any problems faced throughout the purchasing process.


Requests are one of the key features of this portal. These allow buyers the option send a formal request for a specific part, directly to the supplier. This has proven to be very useful if a particular item is not represented in the catalog or the condition/quality of the item does not meet the buyer's demand.

We spent much effort on the query function in order to fill it with different technological solutions. Therefore, suppliers will only receive questions relevant to the specific car brands and models, they originally indicated at the registration.

Content Adaptation

This portal was created with cross-platform capability in order to provide functionality from any device or operating system.