Game bonus service
To develop a game service for the customers of an internet and cable TV provider.

The main purpose of the game is to both increase customer loyalty and attract new ones.
As a solution, we’ve created a prize system that gives customers the opportunity to either win an online lottery or exchange accumulated points for real goods within a specified online store.


NTS-Club works in close collaboration with the provider’s existing billing system. In other words, the service collects a variety of data on subscribers’ contract, payments, etc. and then uses this data and a specific algorithm to calculate points.


The initial page customers see upon visiting the website, the homepage, houses an online game where visitors can try their luck. Each user receives one try, if they happen upon the winning combination, the receive a corresponding prize. A bonus provided within the game, allows for the possibility to participate in the “VIP-rally” which contains the most expensive prizes.

Internal pages

There is a small, but convenient online store where users can redeem their points for prizes. Various goods are divided into categories which are easy to find through our dynamic filtering system. A points history page clearly states when, how many, and on what, the user’s points were spent.


For this project, we picked bright, saturated colors.

Content Adaptation

This portal was created with cross-platform capability in order to provide functionality from any device or operating system.