Online portal for storing, publishing and exchanging photographs
Our task was to develop a portal that would combine the functions of photo stocking and hosting. The difficulty in this project, is that the portal had to be both user-friendly enough for the average customer, but also include the functionality necessary for professional designers, architects, photographers, etc.

Deep analytics and UX-tests determined that:

A. Any publication, search, or material selection within the portal should be as simple as possible.
B. Any data amount should be uploaded and performed at maximum speed.
C. The overall design should be simple but have proper accents.

In order to meet these requirements, we focused on making a simple and convenient interface. This interface includes an easy-to-use system of filters that allows users to locate their desired content with minimal effort. As well, it uses simple, muted visuals so to not distract from the user’s content.

Working with photos in just one click

All functions are available in the quick view, as a way to alleviate the need to go through each product card. The accompanying icons are intuitive, easy to remember, and easy to navigate through.

A vast range of images are combined into albums. Each album contains a description, the photographer’s name, the number of files, and the ability to edit without logging into the admin panel.
In addition, Photobank is closely integrated with other companies services. New photos from the corporate website will automatically appear in the photo bank, and all futures photos would be loaded via the Stock Balance Accounting System database.

Personal Accounts

Each and every personal accounts combines a range of functions. Registered users can create albums, fill albums with content, and tag products. Within these albums, users can also work with high-resolution photos and vector files, create archives, and download or share photos via a link.

Photo Card

One of the key tasks of Photobank is to represent a company's product range. Therefore, each picture and album attachment contains a detailed description, as well as the possibility for a quick purchase via the company’s online store.

Taking into account that the target audience of the portal are creative users, whose work is sometimes inspired through internet searches, we have implemented a user-friendly selection and the “Album of Ideas”. This album is fully accessible and tied to each user's personal account.

Project Technicalities

Before development, we imported an existing photo database. Tens of thousands of images and terabytes of data were carefully transferred into the new portal, while making sure to maintain accuracy amongst the original user profiles and information.

We paid particular attention to providing optimal speed and instant uploading. Now, large vector files are downloaded and opened in an instant.
Photobank provides a secure system of photograph moderation for a large audience. If the published material does not meet the requirements, the author receives a notice stating the reason, and a link for editing.

Content Adaptation

This portal was created with cross-platform capability in order to provide functionality from any device or operating system.