Adaptive layout corporate website
of a telecommunications company from Jersey City
Our Goal
Complete website overhaul, with the main goal to represent the company services in convenient and user-friendly way.
Our client

R&R Telecom - New Jersey-based company, specializing in outsourcing of B2B telecommunication services with clients from 24 countries around the globe.


The Market segment of R&R Telecom is pretty narrow and has it’s own nuances that required an extensive research to get a better understanding of the competition and the challenges the company is facing on the daily basis. Besides the regular market and target audience analysis we had to drill deep into the world of VoIP, SS7 and TDM, but we made it!


We seized an opportunity to develop a homepage targeted at tech-savvy people let’s simply call them geeks, who are the most majority of the company’s target audience.


The B2B focus of R&R business strategy did not stop us from making an animated video, telling an engaging and inviting story about company’s services and benefits.
The video was produced together with our friends, an animation studio we partner with for the last few years. The guys brought up to life characters and final-polished the script, developed by our creative marketing team.

Adaptive layout

It goes without saying any website these days should have a responsive front-end code, especially if you are in the IT industry. We managed to seamlessly transfer and lay out all the huge amount of information and make it easily accessible from a mobile device whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet.