Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network
We were tasked with the redesigning of the Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network portal. The idea was to bring RTRS’ portal to a more modern, contemporary standard while also making the interface accessible to both, the average viewer and company partner.

Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network (RTRS) is the state-owned operator of a tv and radio transmission network headquartered in Moscow.
RTRS is a strategic enterprise with 75 offices across Russia that provide terrestrial broadcasting throughout the country. Its total number of employees exceeds 17,000.


The first stage required our analysts and marketing team to examine the target audience and determine the current user's website experience.


Our team created design prototypes of each page of the portal. By allowing customers access to the portal structure in the early design stages, we received detailed customer feedback that assisted us in our work on user interaction.

Design concept

All information is intuitively organized by cards. This approach allowed us to organize the solid structure of information to guide the user throughout the website effectively. Moreover, the cards maintain the intended visual purity, creating a modern and appealing look.

Inner pages

Our creative team did a great job in pursue of finding perfect visual solution.Not only we developed main design concept, but also created more than 200 templates of inner pages for desktop and mobile devices.


Before launching the website, we developed technical documentation for each stage of development before handing it over to the customer.

Content Adaptation

This portal was created with cross-platform capability in order to provide functionality from any device or operating system. The modern platform of a major state-owned operator can't exist without cross-platforming.

Igor Stepanov -  Head of press service of the RTRS
— Igor Stepanovв
Head of press service of the RTRS

Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network (RTRS) is an enterprise of a significant scale, natural monopoly, Russia's largest TV channels and radio stations broadcasting operator.
RTRS’s structure consists of 77 branches, encompassing all regions of Russia.

This explains the complexity of company’s website modernization task and consequently the difficulty of choosing a contractor for the development and deployment of the new site.
From the very stage of the proposal consideration TAGREE company has shown great interest in the project. As the project progressed we have only obtained more confidence in our decision to work with this contractor.

I can surely recommend tagree as a team with high professional competence and individual approach to the client and constant strive to solve problems at the highest level.